In The Media

CNN – Mostly Human: Hacker Down | ISIS’ Twitter Star

BBC – The day a mysterious cyber-attack crippled Ukraine

Politico – Who’s behind the latest big ransomware attack?

ArsTechnica – Getting medieval: A military analysis of Game of Thrones’ Westeros War

Atlantic Council – WikiLeaks’ CIA Document Dump: More Questions than Answers


WCHS – Live with Dale Cooper – Jon Nichols, PsyOps, Cyber, and Counter Propaganda Expert

CyberScoopNews – WikiLeaks is probably exaggerating what’s in its latest CIA leak

ArsTechnica – Facebook enters war against “information operations,” acknowledges election hijinx

FraudEdge Magazine – They’re Attacking You (3 Types of Hackers)

Cyber 9/12 (Atlantic Council) – How to Hack the DNC in 30 minutes or less

The Verge – Ukranian company that spread Petya could face criminal charges for vulnerability

Down the Security Rabbit Hole – Pointing the Finger of Responsibility

Future of Just War Conference – PSYOP in Cyberspace (2013)

CyberWarNews – Why John Schindler’s “False Flags: The Kremlin’s Hidden Cyber Hand” is wrong

Keynote – Global Identity Summit – Future of Identity

My Greatest Achievement – 3rd Largest Cache of IEDs in the history of the War in Iraq



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